Benefits of sattu

Sattu is traditional Indian Fast food, It is consumed as energy drink, which helps keep our body fit & fine.
It energizes & refreshes whereas other fast food causes damage to out body. Sattu is beneficial across all age groups.

For children 

  • Children beyond the age of 7-8 years should consume 2 tsp. of Sattu daily. Regular consumption by children helps provide sufficient nutrition to their growing needs.
  • Sattu is a wholesome diet for growing children. 
For ladies 
  • Special requirement of ladies can be met by Sattu as it replenishes lost nutrition.
  • Regular consumption of Sattu is very helpful for keeping them perfectly in shape. 

For youth 
  • Young generation is very concerned for their academics, health and smartness.
  • To meet their challenges they need a balanced wholesome diet. So as to provide continuous energy.
  • Sattu a natural food is also a balanced diet. It keeps them fit and fresh and maintains glow on the skin.
For middle age group 
  • Medium age group people have to fulfill their social, family and professional responsibilities.
  • Regular Consumption of natural food Sattu helps them being energetic and improves stamina. 
For old age group 
  • Regular Consumption of sattu by senior age group is again beneficial.
  • Senior citizens are advised to consume the required quantity of Sattu in regard to their personal digestive abilities.
Other benefits of sattu 
  • Sattu is helpful in diabetic conditions. Regular consumption is advised in the form of energy drink or in Roti formation along with Barley (Jow) Atta.
  • Low blood pressure people can benefit by drinking Sattu mixed with water,Salt, Cummin powder & Lemon. 
  • Most of the stomach disorders are generated by improper digestive system. Sattu keeps stomach cool and clean. Sattu helps fight constipation. 
  • Improper feeding habits and consumption of junk food has enhanced the problem of acidity. Regular consumption of Sattu is very helpful in keeping us fit and fine from the problem of gas and acidity.
  • For those involved in heavy work or those who have to be seated for long hours, Sattu keeps refreshed whole day. 
  • Regular consumption of Sattu protects from heat wave during hot season. 
Sattu, being a balanced diet, benefit all people. Regular consumption keeps us healthy always